Cosmo Lingerie Show


(Rigby & Peller) 

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d pop in and drop by some thoughts I had after attending the recent Cosmo Lingerie show with the Rigby & Peller team. Firstly I wanted to say a big Thank you & a friendly hello to all the wonderful people I met, especially the gorgeous girls at Curvy Kate. 

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Sarrieri Fridays


This mornings breakfast: I.D Sarrieri 

Dishes: AW13 

If you know lingerie you’ve heard of this label, a classic, a cult following for sure with a keen celebrity following. It’s definitely luxury and theirs some interesting shapes & continuos pushing of boundaries, plenty of hits (anything with lace looks rather delish) and a few odd misses (that sequin bra in their recent collection, is a no for me) 

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All Undone Wednesday

This Mornings Breakfast: All Undone Lingerie 

Dishes: Everything & Anything 

I’ve done a post on this wonderful company before check it out here for a little background review: 

But since they launched I felt like they needed another post as a sort of ‘debut.’ I’ve been waiting for their launch for a good month now & now that they’re here I’m running around like a headless chicken. 

With 3 gorgeous full sets (thank god suspender belts included) my favourite so far is the “Didi” mainly because I like dark colours & also the name is associated to my little cousin! Frankly Undone Lingerie has hit that niche in the market, which is perfect for several people I know. Small back? Big busts, you know it, you probably relate. 

Go check them out now (before you regret it)  :

Sally Saturday

This mornings breakfast: Sally Jones

Dishes: Raw 

Harry: You realize of course that we could never be friends

Sally: Why not?  (Quote from When Harry Met Sally, duh) 

Can’t you see Sally, every boy want’s you. (On the right girl, of course) Their’s something rather soft yet daring about Sally Jones, intricate lace and beautiful details. Oh Sally, we want what you’re having no joke. “Unique lace. No rules. New look” I always appreciate innovative new lingerie designers, who test the boundaries but what I love more is a designer that can do this & also create a beautifully photographed look book. Why? Because I work in PR and a well done look book could be the end all to any campaign. So I am happy to say, that Sally you hit the spot. 

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Dessous Fridays


This mornings breakfast: Claudette

Dishes: Dessous 

All we wanted was a pretty bra that fit. Your new favourite bra. These are the famous words of Claudette, damn straight that’s what we want. Thank you, we’ve been waiting a long time for you. Now Claudette is synonymous with bright colours and I’m talking neons. (forget the lacy, fluffy & frilly) and to add to the excitement, Claudette is also available up to a G Cup (Wahey! Big boobs party.) I’ve always been adverse to bright colours, usually I adorn only black (no joke) and I had a big fear of colours, (either making me appear too yellow, yes laugh at my asian-ness or too blue, smurf fever?) But Claudette has fed my inner child like a Gelato shop full of flavour. 

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Work Out Wednesdays

This mornings breakfast: Michi NY 

Dishes: AW!3 

I’ll be honest, I hate the gym. I hate sweating (I have eczema which means I’m allergic to my own sweat) and no I don’t feel more “energetic” I feel tired, sweaty and plain out disgusting. But I suppose that’s no reason to discriminate against work out gear. ( I am complacent to Stella McCartneys Adidas so don’t ask) I do however have a great respect for the Sports Bra (aaaahh in wonder) A technical challenge of course, it helps support your breasts while you’re doing whatever exercise and all the while your breasts spin in a figure 8 position. Amazing, I know. 

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Gasson Saturdays


This mornings breakfast: Ayten Gasson 

Dishes: Nina Peach Bodysuit 

It’s been a common misconception for far too long that nightwear is for old ladies wrapped in silk, it’s about time we blow the lid off this thing. Now Gasson, was one of the special ones that first started with the help of the Princes Trust (we have faith in you) and committed to the idea it will support UK Business, most of the items are produced here in the UK, including the laces. Vintage lace trims sourced from old lace mills in Nottingham & the newest ones sourced from the UK. Now you can’t deny thats not true to British heritage & helping our economy. (They even have an ethically friendly line) 

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An Intimate Opinion about BDSM.


I can’t give you an intimate description of the BDSM community because well, I’ve never really been ‘there’ per say. I can say however that recently I’ve divulged into learning more about it and asking myself some pretty interesting questions. So I decided to ask a more reliable source, a close friend of mine answered the questions below and well, it got me thinking about a lot of things I’ve never really considered. Have a read, let’s see if we can open that mind of yours, especially to accept new things! 

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Soonik Fridays


This mornings breakfast: Kriss Soonik 

Dishes: Kendo Power

Kriss Soonik has been on my mind for quite a while, even before they made it onto this years 2013 cool list. Soonik has been focusing a lot on the idea of ‘underwear as outerwear’ concept, coining the term ‘loungerie’ the perfect mix of loungewear and lingerie (whatever that might be) Few of their pieces do little to appeal to me, ironically their most popular pieces. What really does delight me about their brand is they’re playfulness & ingenuity. 

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